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Are you Happy?

Happy Lab is an Action-Adventure Horror Game with puzzle elements. Prepare to venture into the depths of a top-secret research facility.

Can you find him?

Good luck!



WASD - Move.

Mouse - move the camera

Left Shift - Sprint

Left Control - Crouch

E - interact button

Esc- Settings and to Main Menu



A small percentage of people may experience seizures when exposed to certain lights, patterns, or images, even with no history of epilepsy or seizures.




Os: Windows7(32bit), Linux, Mac Os 

CPU:Intel Pentium Gen 2 or AMD echivalent 

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 2000, Geforce Gt710 or  AMD equivalent 

Ram: 4Gb

Storage: 375MB

(Recommended )

Os: Windows7(64bit), Linux, Mac Os 

CPU:Intel Core i3 2100 or AMD equivalent 

GPU: Geforce  Gtx 780ti,Radeon Rx 560

Ram: 8Gb

Storage: 375MB

Tested on ; Redeon Rx 550(900p30-40fpsHigh,1080p60-80fpsLow) , Geforce Gtx1660ti(1080p60fpsUltra)

Should work on any device with at least 1GB VRAM  and  a dual-core CPU

Playtime: 25-30minutes 

Updated 21 days ago
Published 28 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorElectric Glitch Studios
GenreAdventure, Action, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Happy_Lab_Win_32BIT.zip 320 MB
Happy_Lab_Win_64BIT.zip 323 MB


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hell yeah?

Along with some bugs I think its still worth your time, my full thoughts at the end of the video!


QUE JOGO INCRÍVEL! Jogo muito divertido e com uma história show de bola! perseguições bacanas e puzzles sensacionais! parabéns ao desenvolvedor deste jogo, é realmente muito bom!

This one was fun! i had a few problems with Tab breaking the game but i like where this one takes you. And it has some really nice horror elements!

WHAT A GREAT GAME!!!!!! SO MUCH FUN, loved the jumpscares the creepiness, and the chase scenes also, Great Work!!!!!

This game was not what I expected but excited for more!! 🤭It was more like SCP containment. 🤔I'm excited for more "episodes" in the future. Thank you, take care of yourself, and Keep up the good work!!😁

The game's fairly decent and atmosphere wise, the game had a nice creep factor to it that made me think it's a cross between SCP and Alice in Wonderland. 

The biggest thing for me was the death jump scares.  I got no problem with the screen being a image if it had code that was necessary to progress the game, but it would be really nice to see the monsters that got me. It would be even nicer to give each monster a custom kill animation when they catch the player.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont_


I really enjoyed this one although it did make me somewhat dizzy (unlike most games I play). I really liked the puzzle segments especially, the one where we had to play a game. RIP my poor finger....

My only issue is probably the PNG jump-scares; can't say I'm a huge fan of them. The code one was okay but, the last one was just too loud and a bit obnoxious. Other than that, this was a really cool game! Game play starts at about 20:04 if interested.


I did not see the playtime duration before starting this game and that's my bad xD I was shocked after each door/level that I went through that there was more gameplay, which was a nice surprise! I like how the game doesn't give too much detail just yet, but enough to get the player intrigued. Can't wait to see more of what this game has to offer!

I made a video playing this game along with another horror game, so this will be the second game I play in the video!


🔲 My 90-year-old grandma could play it 

🔲 Easy

✅ Normal   

🔲 Hard

🔲 "Dark Souls"

- Accessibility -

🔲 Easy to figure out 

🔲 Takes some time to figure out

✅ Hard to figure out

🔲 Very Unclear


🔲 "MS Paint"

🔲 Bad

🔲 Meh

🔲 Graphics don't matter in this game

🔲 Decent

🔲 Good

✅ Beautiful

🔲 Masterpiece

- MUSIC && SFX - 🔲 None

🔲 Bad

🔲 Not special

✅ Good

🔲 Beautiful


🔲 This game has no story it's a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ simulator/Shooter

🔲 Like playing "Temple Runners" for the story

✅ It's there for the people who want it

🔲 Well written

🔲 Epic story



🔲 Underpriced

🔲 Perfect price

🔲 Could be cheaper

🔲 Overpriced

🔲 Complete waste of money


🔲 You can run it on a microwave

✅ Average

🔲 High end

🔲 "NASA" computer


🔲Very short (0 - 1 hours)

(haven't played it fully)

✅ Short (1 - 10 hours)

🔲 Average (10 - 30 hours)

🔲 Long (30 - 70 hours)

🔲 Extremely long (70 - 110 hours)

🔲 No ending

- FUN -

🔲 I'd rather watch paint dry

🔲 Hard to enjoy

✅ Repetitive

🔲 Actually pretty scary

🔲 Ride of your life


🔲 It's a one-time experience

(haven't played it fully)

✅ Only for achievements

🔲 If you wait a few months/years

🔲 Definitely (you can always go back and improve and is still enjoyable

🔲 Infinitely replayable

Special Thanks to BLUEY from Steam (Creator of the template)

- MARKETING - (How well your game page)

🔲Very Weak (No photos/videos/Description/Story/External Links + Devlogs)

🔲Weak ( No photos/videos/Story/External Links + Devlogs)

🔲Good (No videos/ External Links + Devlogs)

✅Great (has all the above)

 Hey! I played your game on my stream! Watch it to see the live review!  Here's the link for it: https://www.twitch.tv/spacematterplay 😄

  I would also appreciate if you could give an opinion on our latest game. Game devs advice is precious because we know better what it takes to make something work. It's called "Backdoor Shifts"

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I don't know about the jump scares and I don't think they're very good. I do think there is some really cool stuff here in the level design and scenes. The way you put the player in some really cool and creepy sequences is my favorite aspect of this game and I hope to see more stuff like that from your other titles. Horror Games don't always need jump scares.

Thanks for making games!

really nice jumpscares! Maybe too good? I think they broke my brain near the end there haha

That Game Was Awesome Keep it Up...

hi nice game i have two jumpscare
i play the linux version and that what happen to me
1- when in the black screen  i can see part of the screen
2- the first video in TV that show you the code well when i click in TV it show just black screen then i figure that something wrong so i decade to see it in youtube ( if i dont do that i will stick in the first area )

3- always when i die or it come  loading screen for  next area the resolution always change to default resolution

1- when in the black screen  i can see part of the screen

Had a great time in this one! It has a ton of potential!

game was really good id love to letsplay the full game when its out only thing i think deeds to be better is the jump scares like the game is still really scary and you did an amazing job but thats just me one thing i think you should fix 


Streaming this awesome game! Watch me go through this game live. Shout-out to the creator..


Aesome game! ✌✌✌✌

I like big survival horror games like this, The Variety of different scenery, puzzles and enemies made it very non repetitive which is nice. I felt like it was maybe slightly too long but that's purely subjective and not a big deal either way. I like the backstories as well.

It's been a while since the jumpscares in a game got me so good... Very nice concept, and thanks for sharing it with us! Really looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Really peaked my curiosity

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😘

I got a finger for that computer. Swear that thing cheats. Really creepy game. All the creatures were interesting and the story was really nice. Keep it up! 

This game was really good liked the mechanics and puzzles it had me on edge good job cant wait to play the rest of it when it comes out

Thanks for Playing! I really appreciate the Feedback.

Your welcome

The game was pretty cool and got me a lot of times with the jumpscares... lol

Btw, here is my video. I'm a random brazilian guy who likes to play some horror games (gameplay in portuguese).

Thanks for the game!

Thanks for Playing!

(1 edit)

i Forgot all about my flashlight... lol GG Electric Glitch Studios 


Thanks for Playing!

[Gameplay en español]

The game has a very scary atmosphere and some chilling objectives to fulfill!. Good job :D


Thanks for Playing! I really appreciate the Feedback.

Cant wait for more Electric!

Thanks for Playing!

This game was insanely cool. It's refreshing to see a game like this with depth and substance. It felt like a varied experience, with different forms of gameplay and new locations constantly presenting themselves. There are some really fun puzzles in here as well. It's not without its small faults, but those faults are purely cosmetic, and don't ruin the gameplay experience at all. I gave a more in depth review at the end of the video. Great work!

Thanks for Playing! I really appreciate the Feedback.

Truly terrifying! The jumpscares got me good.

Thanks for Playing! I really appreciate the Feedback.

I LOVED THIS! The monsters were rich with backstory and very creepy. I did experience a bug with the card game when they stacked on top of each other, however that did not distract me from completing this game. VERY GOOD STUFF! I can't wait for more!!!

Thanks for Playing! I really appreciate the Feedback.

Anytime! Thank you for developing!


I really enjoyed this game, lots of scary experiences, a few super tense spots, and a handful of scary monsters. Could have done without the super loud jumpscares, but with them being a small portion I think I can over look them.

Thanks for Playing! I really appreciate the Feedback.

Great game. I love the creatures. 


Thanks for Playing! I really appreciate the Feedback.

this was a fun ride :D i enjoyed it and i would have a vid for you to watch ... and i hope you dont mind me ranting about it in the end of the vid :)

Gave it a Let's Play 

Thanks for Playing!

good creepy

Thanks for Playing!

Good game that was very good.

Thanks for Playing!


Really good job! Keep up the good work, can't wait until the next one. 

Thanks for Playing!

Sensational! Brilliantly executed game with puzzles, which make you think of high level games, like "Resident Evil 7" and "Outlast". Although, focusing more on puzzles and less on the story, I found this game to be a good example for other developers to seek something different, unique and take inspiration from simple games. Amazing work Dev! Looking forward to the continuation of the story. 

Thanks for Playing! I really appreciate the Feedback.


Great game!

Thanks for Playing!