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Mental is a psychological Horror about a secret feature found in the ps1 and can be unlocked by using a special disc.

Hope you will Enjoy it!


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Mental.zip 38 MB


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This game was really fun check out my gameplay.


The atmosphere of this game had me on edge the entire time! Some nicely placed jump scares as well, they fit into the game without feeling cheap or annoying. Overall, a nice horror experience! Great work!

your idea by mental hospital is super go ahead!

An interesting game. There may be a potential for more things happening in the world of this game. Keep it up!

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😘

An interesting game. The atmosphere is great. Loved the music.

Created by Jaboblu

Mental unpleasing in a great horror game way. Nice job.

i did jump once or twice lol 

so much people made youtube videos about this-

if I chicken out while playing by myself I might make a video too

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is this based on true events?

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Very interesting game. The story is too mysterious and leaves a lot to be desired. I don't understand the monster's role in this game beside trying to kill me. The monster's walking animation was unique and I liked it. I am curious if you are planning on expanding on this game or it was some fun small project for you.

Your game is the second one in the video.


I think it's good

Really neat horror game!  I enjoyed trying it out! 

Electric Glitch Studios, when will there be an Android and iOS version and also Brazilian Portuguese subtitles?

An Android port will exist at some point in the future but I can't guarantee that I will add a BrazilIan Portuguese sub in this game (In future games I plan to add subtitles).


Hmm, I understand bro thanks for your answer: 3


This was pretty good! I liked the environment and ambiance. I would probably speed the monster up to make him more threatening other then that this was good!  




I got to come back and finish it. The atmosphere was too scary for me so i kinda gave up, but this was REALLY well made.


Enjoyed your game! Lots of great atmosphere.


I was so scared when I see the monster.

I didn't see the environmental switch coming. One of my best jumpscares of 2020.

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, it was a neat short and sweet game, good work :)

Thanks for Playing!!!

I liked the game, very well done I had fun playing it!!!

Thanks for Playing!!!

This game left me feeling paranoid! I think that the story is very interesting and could be built on! Well done!

Thanks for Playing!!!

You're very welcome! Thank you for making an awesome game!

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This was interesting to start, this game had huge potential but fell off in multiple ways.  But I will leave that to the judgment of the players but I will say that there were a lot of missed opportunities for good scares and there wasn't a overall feel of danger. One thing it did good  tho is at the beginning it will have you paranoid. 

Thanks for Playing and feedback!

Hey dude I like your game and I made my non commentary video on it

Thanks for Playing!!!

Mental captivated me by its almost Silent Hill-esque aesthetic, but by the end of the game, I took more interest in the story. I like when a game engages me the longer I play. In my playthrough, my light didn’t seem to affect the environment after a few minutes, but it didn’t get in the way or affect my enjoyment. Well done! 

this is 38 MB and still so scary game

The use of sounds and environment is BAD_ASS it really scared the hell out of me ;) i am now afraid to plat this again

Thanks for Playing!!!

Very jumpy. Good game

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks For Playing!

Hey this is pretty good! It made me jump, and I always appreciate that haha. Thanks for the fun!


Thanks for Playing!