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The creativity was great. The glitch at the end wasn't a big deal cause getting there was so fun.

Thanks for playing!

that was a bizarre experience, it feels like you can jump to one level to another in the game. and i think there is a bug on the last level? i guess or is part of the game? anyways good game.

p.s game starts at 5:00

Thanks for playing!

Interesting experience but a bit on the short side.

Thanks for Playing!

it was a good game, crahsed a bit. but  still a good game.

que se passe-t-il? je suis tombé et il n'est allé nulle part ou laissez-moi recommencer le bon jeu que vous avez ici!


what the hell? i fell and it didnt go anywhere or let me restart nice game you got here!

I'm sorry you ran into bugs. I'll release a patch soon.

I featured this in my video (starts at 19:35)


Thanks!Hope you enjoyed

It scared my head



Amazing game dev :D , i hope you enjoy my gameplay but when i chose my fate the mouse disappears

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the unique environments are fascinating I didn’t get the thing at last live or die :)

The game has a problem with mouse locking.I will fix as soon as I can.

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yep that’s helped it out by my video :)

actually the poster of PlayStation makes it look professional AAA type :) like it can attract audience

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am i the first person to play it? i would like to include this in my Youtube 3 scary games video, is that ok? 

edit: just found out the game is not downloading. its just saying "starting..."

edit 2: started the download

Of course, you can play on a video. It's a free indie game after all.