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Why Me? III: The Funeral is a horror game  that fallow a story of a man that found himself on a island and has no idea why is there or what put him there.He is called by a strange sense to go deeper and deeper into the island. 

Can You find out?

This game is inspired by 1998-2000s era of fixed camera PSX-2 games.

"Why Me? III: The Funeral" System Requirements

 CPU:2nd Gen Intel Pentium or AMD Phenom Series or similar 

 RAM : 2GB 

 GPU: Intel HD Graphics 2000 or Nividia GeForce GT 210 

or similar 


The Funeral.zip 68 MB


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Hey dude, I like de game it's good and you're going the right way, the soundtrack is great and the camera has improved a lot, I wanted to know more about the story I really enjoyed the experience

Keep it up 

Gameplay PT-BR 


My video on Why Me? III: The Funeral.

To be honest with you, the game wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't that good either. No story, easy tasks, and no horror atmosphere. Even the killer is not that scary. I liked the controls a little bit but the camera angle is weird sometimes. Anyway, it was a fun experience, even though it was a short one. THANK YOU.

Thanks for Playing and feedback!

the choice of colors is good, and every moment you excpect something horrible happens


Thanks for Playing and feedback!

a real spooker right here

Thanks for Playing!

Where am I? Who am I?

Well you will find out soon!

The game's interesting. It kinda reminds me of the movie Green mile. But besides the fact that there should be some lore within the game, it's a nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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A very interesting game indeed. While I do think there could be more story building, the overall gameplay and atmosphere are really good in this game! Great job!

Thanks for Playing and for feedback1

What a great game! The graphics and slightly wonky controls were perfectly reminiscent of the Ps1 era! I particularly loved the camera positioning from the moment the player steps in the basement. The angle was off and gave a feeling of unrest that kept me on my toes! Amazing job guys! 


Thanks for Playing and for your feedback!

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great jobs

Thanks for Playing and for your feedback!

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Interesting game love the idea though will admit the controls are a little bit wonkey Still a great game and concept would love to see more and you should expand more I hope more get exposed to your games and play them. You can check out my gameplay and thoughts here

Thanks for Playing and for your feedback!

My final thought at the end.. "Why did I hop into the abyss that is the cellar?" 

All in all was a fun little adventure

Maybe when the camera changes freeze player control until they letgo and repress a key.. I found myself looping around at times during scene changes.. Id enter one area and since i was holding the move button would spit me right back out.

Thanks for your feedback!

I had a hardtime with the control but it was nice adventure 

Thanks for playing!

Really Enjoyed It, perfectly captured the horror of PS Fixed Cameras working against you in horror games, Only criticism I have is that the main menu music was very loud and the crowbar was a little hard to see but that might of just been me. Will definitely play Why Me 1&2

Thanks for your feedback!